Besides achieving a high academic standard we aim at the development of an all round personality and character, as such we provide opportunities for the children through our elaborate co-curricular programmes to learn art, craft, music, dance, drama, elocution, debate, project work and group activities.

House wise competitions are arranged to instill the children a sense of healthy competition and belongingness to uphold the image of their House.

We have a diversified four tier House system through which we conduct all our co-curricular programmes. At the time of joining school a student is allotted a particular House to participate in the activates/ events according to his/her aptitude and interest. The idea is to develop dedication in children towards parents, country, knowledge and service of all living beings. They enjoy complete freedom to manage their respective House activities with a spirit of co-operation, love and zeal.

A calendar of activities is prepared at the commencement of the session and given to all students. It mirrors the multifarious activities involving literature, culture and sport. It is planned on Saturdays in such a way that academic work does not suffer. Besides, we have a system of a zero period which is utilized for house meetings, planning and practice of different competitive activities scheduled for the week.

Our activities are namely Invocation & Prayer of All Religions, Literary competitions like Recitation, Calligraphy, Elocution and Debate, Quiz competition. On-the-spot drawing & painting competition. Cultural competitions in music and dance, Plays in both Hindi and English; Kitchen gardening, Herbarium. Collection, Philately and Coin collection hobby. Martial Arts, Tae- Kwon-do training, Clay-modelling, Cooking classess etc.

Socially Useful Productive Work

In pursuance of the New Education Policy of the Govt. of India, the school has placed SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) in great prominence. The concept of “work experience” and “learning by doing develops healthy habits of work and equips the students with various productive skills. Children under the expert guidance of a SUPW teacher learn to make various articles using waste-material. They learn hand embroidery, stitch craft, doll making, decoration material, wall hangings, fabric painting and even tailoring their simple things on their own. ** Annual exhibitions are arranged and articles prepared by children such as paper cuttings, flowers made with coloured ribbons, embroidered handkerchiefs, decoration materials, greeting cards, and Bandhanwars will be put up for sale.


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